SOPHIE AMAT MBA Onboarding Coach / Crypto Fundamental Analyst & InCapital Magazine Contributor

I am passionate about Bitcoin and all things crypto, and their enabling technologies since discovering this vast ecosystem at a macro-economics meet-up group in 2014 at Ubud, Bali (Indonesia).

Back then I treated Bitcoin as a means of exchange. I loaded a mobile phone digital wallet with about 1 million rupiah worth of Bitcoin from a local Bitcoin ATM, spending it on meals and cups of tea at Ubud restaurants and cafes.

Between 2015 and 2017 I showed many in the international women’s group I belonged to, how to acquire Bitcoin and other crypto. By this time Bitcoin had become an obsession; mental pushback against the asymmetrical power of the financial sector I spent 20 years working in.

In the ICO hype of 2017, I invested in crypto projects that have flourished, and I also lost 3 Bitcoin in a Bitcoin trading ponzi scam; a tough lesson I’ll never repeat! A raised red flag means stop! Trust your gut and ignore peer pressure!

In 2018-2020 as Co-founder of WhereToShopWithCrypto, Abheeti and I helped 40+ merchants & professionals in Perth, Western Australia accept crypto payment systems in their businesses.

In 2018, I started writing for ALTCOIN Magazine, now InCapital Magazine, as a regular contributor. My earliest article is “Gandhi-nomics and decentralisation : a strong foundation for cryptocurrency”.

In 2020 I completed the Certificate in Security Token Strategy from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, Greece.

2021 I am a Co-founder at Organichain, a regenerative agriculture start-up with a blockchain credentialing solution; and Co-founder / crypto onboarding coach at

Clearly I am enthusiastic about the future of Bitcoin and all meaningful cryptocurrency projects that truly contribute to the betterment of humanity. Libertarianism and alternative political-economic philosophies are at last establishing a rightful place in financial systems from the local to the global level, and I am delighted about this. I invite anyone who participates in the crypto markets at whatever level, to consider the philosophical – economic – political movement that underpins it. You / we would do well to find a more robust motivation for participation than merely financial gain.

Article by Sophie Amat: “Gandhi-nomics and decentralisation : a strong foundation for cryptocurrency”

Sophie Amat published this article in ALTCOIN Magazine (Now called InCapital Magazine) on Medium publishing platform. You can read the full article here …


Wade Sutton On-boarding Coach | Marketing Director | Crypto Trader

I am excited with the opportunities cryptocurrency and the blockchain offers. This may be one of the greatest opportunities to increase wealth and provide financial freedom.

I started investing in Bitcoin in 2015 without a great knowledge of the technology. However, after realising the importance of what had been built, I became a cryptocurrency / Blockchain enthusiast and the journey continues….

In 2017 I participated in a number of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) witnessing the excitement and opportunities for a new way of raising capital and new investment offerings.

From 2004 – 2015 I created and built a fashion accessory & apparel company in Western Australia, from there taking it to the USA to set up global operations, and eventually moving back to Western Australia in 2018.

Since then I have been trading in Cryptocurrencies and involved in a number of different projects, some in the Agriculture tech sector using Blockchain technology and others in global distribution.

I have a passion for Blockchain and the level playing filed it offers for everyone no matter what your wealth. Transparency is the future and Blockchain offers this.

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