Onboarding you safely into cryptocurrency markets


Thinking about building wealth with cryptocurrencies?

If you’ve thought about getting into crypto markets, and you don’t know how, you’re not alone. Our expertise guides you to participate safely and effectively in cryptocurrency markets. With our services:

● You will better understand cryptocurrencies;

● You will know how to acquire, store, sell and manage your crypto assets;

● You will learn how to take control of your crypto learning pathway; and

● You will be able to use OUR FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS TOOLKIT, to better understand the cryptocurrencies you are interested in.

Our clients have many questions about cryptocurrency risks and there are many, so: 

● We address risk management; and

● We debunk the myths and address unfounded negatives

Our services are designed to fast track you safely and effectively into the crypto markets.



What’s distinctive about Bitcoin / crypto markets vs traditional financial markets?

● The emerging nature of cryptos or digital assets means high growth opportunities.

● High risks can be mitigated by establishing sensible management practices.

● Crypto markets never close meaning you can trade 24/7, every day of the year.

● Crypto currencies are highly portable and transferable using mobile phones and USB styled storage devices.

● Practically anyone can directly acquire cryptos without using an intermediary ie. a broker.

● Cryptos can be remitted between parties across borders instantaneously at low cost.

So what are you waiting for?

To acquire crypto assets and sell them, all you need is a funded account with an exchange and you’re ready to go. The problem is …


● There are 4,933 cryptocurrencies available – shown at www.CoinMarketCap.com

● How do you choose which cryptos or digital assets to acquire?

● What factors determine a cryptocurrency’s value?

● How can you tell you’re buying or selling at a fair price?


Furthermore, insofar as cryptocurrency exchanges are concerned …

● There are over 504 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

● 259 of these exchanges are tracked on global data aggregator www.CoinMarketCap.com, while others are still in their start-up period.

● How do you select a reputable exchange to buy and sell your crypto with?

● What’s actually involved in getting started with an exchange?


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Our Team

Our team has 13+ years of combined crypto experience gleaned from both self-taught and formal education. We bring passion and a high level of professionalism in serving our customers’ needs. Helping customers onboard easily,  efficiently and safely into the cryptocurrency space is our expertise!


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To get started – message Sophie (Perth Australia) on Whatsapp +61 423 504486

Email: sophie@crypto-sense.comwade@crypto-sense.com